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Feb 10 Datawarehouse Seminar at DBA SIG of Northeast Oracle User Group >

Feb 2 Top 20 Oracle 10g New Features for DBAs on OTN Series >

Jan 5 Fine Grained Auditing on OTN Part 2 >

Dec 11 Fine Grained Access Control at NYOUG >


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Archived News

Northeast Oracle User Group (Boston) presents Arup's two-hour talk - Datawarehouse: From Beginner to Advanced in Two Hours.

Arup presents Oracle 10g Top 20 New Features for DBAs on Oracle Technology Network.

Second part of the Fine Grained Auditing article on Oracle Technology Network comes online.

Oracle Scene, the United Kingdom Oracle User Group publication, publishes Arup's latest article on Interested Transaction Lists.

Arup presented at New York Oracle User Group Meet on Dec 11th on Virtual Private Database features including Oracle 10g. runs a story on Arup. Read it here.

See Arup's article in Oracle Technology Network - Fine-Grained Auditing in the Real World, Part 1.

Interested in one-day Oracle Security Training? Details.

Oracle Security Auditing services for your organization. Details.

Oracle chooses Arup Nanda DBA of the Year, 2003. Check this out on Oracle Magazine November 2003 issue.

The Advocate runs a story on Arup Nanda, on the award, Read it here.

The Hour newspaper publishes a story on Arup. See this here.

Arup presented at OracleWorld 2003 Sep 7-11 at San Francisco, CA. See downloads for details.

Arup's book on Oracle Privacy Audit and Security and as it is applicable to various government regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA, Sarb-Ox, CISP and many more. Check this out.

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