Privacy, Security Accountability for the Oracle Professional

One-day CramCourse

Learn the entire gamut of Oracle database solutions for achieving privacy requirements

Presented by

Arup Nanda

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Why Security?

Security in a databases is not a novel concept; it has been important for a number of years. However, it has been got significant attention in the last few years where the issues such as privacy, corporate accountability has been in limelight, especially with the introduction of several regulations and laws such as Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA, Safe Harbor and numerous other laws. This has suddenly given a new dimension to Security and Auditing needs of an organization.

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Why this Seminar

Fortunately Oracle database presents several built-in tools and mechanisms to build a robust secured system. With each new release of the database, the options to implement security for Oracle users keep growing. However, the introduction of these new features and their applicability and usage may not have been clearly communicated or understood by organizations. The IT personnel may be too busy in the day to day activity to take time to understand these new tools and technology and apply them.

This seminar provides the bridge to cover the gap in understanding these new technologies and provides a fresh perspective on their usage from a best-practices point of view. In one single day, the participants will learn the entire gamut of security solutions available in Oracle along with working examples.

This is not a mere informational seminar, nor it is an Oracle marketing session; it's a compendium of the Oracle database tools and techniques distilled from the presenter's long experience of being an Oracle DBA. The attendees will learn these tips and techniques first hand, through live demonstrations and exercises. The goal is to make the attendees experts on using the tools.

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Seminar Outline

The seminar is completely customizable to your needs and requirements. Here is a broad outline of the seminar contents.

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The Audience

Anyone who is dealing with Oracle database systems right now and want to start planning on the security and auditing aspects

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No one likes to come back from a training session of seminar with only bright ideas and no hard material. This seminar gives you all the scripts and tools you can immediately apply.


Typically, the seminar is a full day engagement with six 45-minute structured presentation segments with short 5 or 10 minutes breaks and a longer lunch break. We can also make it two sessions of 4 hours each.

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The seminar is conducted at the customer's location. This allows the participants to attend the full day's worth of training in-house saving the corporation substantially in travel costs. There is no limit on the number of participants. The cost is same regardless of the number of attendees. All attendees receive the deliverable materials, up to a fixed maximum.

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About the Presenter

Your presenter is Arup Nanda, an Oracle DBA veteran of 10 years and an Oracle user even longer. Working exclusively in Oracle technology has given him an edge in understanding the intricacies and how to harness them to resolve everyday problems. Recognizing his expertise, Oracle chose him as the DBA of the Year 2003. Currently doing HIPAA implementation at several large corporations, he presents this informational seminar as an extension to his core expertise.

Arup is the author of the book Oracle Privacy Security Auditing (ISBN 0972751394) dealing with this specific issue filled with thousands of working examples to guide the reader. He has presented at several national and regional technical conferences such as Oracle World and IOUG Live! and has written over 50 articles related to Oracle technology in magazines throughout the world. A complete listing of Arup's presentations and articles can be seen and downloaded here.

Arup is also heavily involved in the Oracle technology advancement among users. Apart from his role as an editor in SELECT, the journal of the International Oracle User Group, he is also a Director for Connecticut Oracle User Group.

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Interested? Please send an email to or call us at (203) 750-5116. Otherwise send us a snail mail to Security Seminar, Proligence, 24 Ferris Ave Suite # 1, Norwalk, CT 06854.

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