Portfolio of Services

Our services are Oracle Database based – just Oracle, no other database. We have tried hard to maintain our focus on Oracle only, thereby increasing our exposure to all kinds of issues and situations and enabling us to put ourselves on the cutting edge of the technology. We can customize our services to any level you want. Please feel free to contact us to discuss. These are just our short term - specialized offerings. We also have a full scale general DBA services.

Initial Oracle

Hardware and Software Needs Analysis

Specific Operating System Planning

Operating System Tuning (Unix and NT)

Oracle Installation

Upgrades and Patch Application 


Architecture Planning

Customized Solution for Your Business

Network Planning

Storage Planning


Physical Database Design

Partition Schemes Planning

Tablespace and File Planning


Logical Schema Design

Best Practices Advice

Performance Analysis

Maintenance Analysis



Physical Schema Design

Best Practices Advice

Performance Analysis

Maintenance Analysis


Existing Database Maintenance

Reverse Engineering of Existing Schema

Production Database Documentation

Industry Standard Modeling – Visio™ and ERWin™

Forward Engineering from Model



Performance Tuning

Database Tuning

Application Tuning

Network Tuning

Lock Manager Tuning

Pinging Reduction

Database/OS Interaction Tuning


Security Review

Application Access Issues

Database Security Policy Planning


Backup and Recovery Planning

Developing Customized Backup Strategy

Simulating Disaster and Recovery Process

Validating Recovery Process

Disaster Recovery Planning


Specialized Setups

Oracle Parallel Server Setup

Replication Setup

Standby Database Setup

Load Balancing Setup

Oracle Enterprise Manager Setup


Oracle Migration

Migration Experience from even Oracle 7.1

Other Sevices

Project Management

Candidate Screening and Recruiting

Technical Interview Services

Oracle Security Training

Oracle Security Assessment


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